Wednesday, December 18, 2019, 13:10

Social media can be a minefield for any business.

Your first question should be whether you have the resources to create and then maintain an effective social media presence.

Consider the following:

You need a plumber and want to find out more about a specific one you found online. So you decide to visit their social media page to find out more about them, their work and reviews. But when you check out the page, you find their social media page hasn't been updated since they launched it four years ago.

You may decide to find another plumber!

(Remember the same applies to your website!)

To avoid this happening, you need to think carefully about whether you have a social media presence. Are you definitely going to commit to updating it? Not doing so may even cost you customers. If you do, don't over stretch yourself. Use perhaps just one platform or two.

Deciding which platform to use will require you to think about what kind of person you want to appeal to. Facebook is a place for connecting and sharing; Instagram is similar but more image based; LinkedIn is more for professional connections; YouTube is more video based and a good place for 'how to' type videos (for example in your plumbing business). Think about your potential customers and what social media they use.

Now that you have decided which platform you want to use, decide on the kinds of content that will attract customers. Do you want to do a series of 'how to' videos; or perhaps a series of videos showcasing your work. Maybe you want to encourage 'reviews' (which you then engage with in a 'friend' way rather than in a soul-less 'professional way). Maybe you need to post (updated) examples of work you have done (with the permission of customers where appropriate).

Then commit to keeping the pages relevant, updated and engaging. No-one looking for a plumber wants a 20 minute exposition on the way that a toilet valve has been manufactured - they want to see how it fits, how it works and why you may be the person to fit it for them!

The same is true for charities or churches. Keep your content interesting and relevant. And engage with your audience - if they comment, reply to them. If they like your content, ask yourself why and how you can create similar content in the future.

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