We've done filming and editing for various projects and weddings, plus live event video.

Myfishbites Media also has experience in video creation and working within Apple Motion 5 to create creative visuals.

We also run ProPresenter and are able to do live visuals / words / presentations, as well as live PA sound.

Additionally, music has been created and then used for videos, songs, a Street Pastor's video and many other YouTube and social media posts. We're able to produce worship and backing tracks, dance music, mood music, ambient pads and drum & bass to name a few...


Video for Uganda Christian University support charity (UK)


Wedding Ceremony filming
for Mr & Mrs Britton

Background Video

Free background video for Christmas (done in Motion 5)

Church launch

Filming of a promo video for
the launch of a church 'plant'
(since taken over by HTB)

Live Filming

Live filming of a youth
gig at a school

YMCA Celebration

Live filming of YMCA event
at Exeter Cathedral

Carol Service

Live filming of a carol service
(red/green lighting also done by us)

Backing track

One of many on YouTube - copy of the original with near exact parts
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