SEO stands for 'Search Engine Optimisation' and fundamentally is about how you get your website to be seen by the right audience. This drives people to see your content and then respond positively, interact with you or purchase your services - depending on your website.

So how do you make a website 'stand out'?

You'll find a host of online articles about this but here are twelve tips to start!

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SEO Tips

1. Know your audience. Who is your website aimed at? Use language, terms, pictures and content that relates to them. Think about your customer and put yourself in their shoes.

2. Research - find out your target audience and what makes them tick / what websites do they visit / what search terms are they using? Reflect this in your content.

3. Have a website domain name that reflects who you are, where you are what you do. Be specific - if you're selling organic vegetables from your naturally sourced organic farm in Devon, then say that.

4. Use your website domain name, page titles and content well. Your page titles should be mini summaries of what your website does. Organise content to say what you are, what you do and where you are. Keep the message simple and clear. Repeat content on a page but don't over-use content otherwise search engines will 'mark you down'. Make sure content is relevant, specific and clear.

5. Use the (html) 'meta-description' (160 words summary) to both condense what your website does - and to relay the same information that is on your actual website. Meta-data is 'behind the scenes' info that search engines use to find out what your site is and what is does and then display it appropriately to people searching the internet. So if your website says 'organic vegetable farm in Tiverton, Devon selling fresh produce online and in our farm shop 365 days a year', then make sure your 'meta-description' also says the same thing.

6. Use photos and attractive content on the site to engage with people. Use the 'alt' tag on images to describe what the image is. So if you've got a picture of some organic tomatoes, put the picture on your site and use the 'alt' tag to say 'organic tomatoes from our (name) organic farm'.

7. Have very clear navigation on the site so you allow the user to find the pages they need within a couple of clicks (where possible). On one site, I've got a navigation menu at the top, a menu on the right in text and then a 'breadcrumb' on each page telling you where you are. A 'breadcrumb' is like a 'trail' that allows you to find your way around.

8. Submit a 'sitemap' to google. You may have seen that when you search for a site on google (for example), the search reasults page pops up the information about the site (say for example Marks & Spencers), along with headings for the site (like 'men's clothing' etc). That is what a sitemap does. There are various online tools to do this for free - or Wordpress has plugins etc. Keep the sitemap updated. Submit the sitemap to Google Search Console (see below)

9. Set up a Google Search Console account ( link correct December 2019).

10. You can also share links with other (*relevant*) websites. So if your website is the organic farm one we've mentioned above, link to other sites such as farming networks or local town magazine websites etc. Don't just share links with anyone and everyone as google may penalise you.

11. Make sure that your website has the padlock so that it says it is 'secure'. This means it has an 'https' at the start of the URL (website address) and not just an 'http'. Google and browsers will increasingly penalise sites that don't have 'https'. You should pay upwards of £50 a year to your web host company for this (more for business sites).

12. The final tip is this: give it time... it takes time to build up a presence on the internet and it takes a while for your page to rise up the google rankings, so don't be impatient and don't be fooled by people wanting to instantly boost your google rankings!

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